четверг, 12 мая 2016 г.

symposium of sickness

Идет пара. Пара перенесенная, поэтому студентов только четверо. Проходим предлоги. Я прошу придумать что-нибудь с on the bus.

Тут же вызывается один студент. У него есть история про автобус, которую он уже рассказывал одногруппникам. Все начинают yuck'ать и хохотать еще до ее начала. История такая - once upon a time, our hero decided to ride a bus to his home, which is contrary to his usual habit of taking a walk. He climbed inside, paid for the ticket and started his journey. Suddenly he began to smell something unusual. Then came strange noises from behind. Having turned back, our hero saw a very drunk man vomiting on a seat in front of him. What the drunk man did next was quite unexpected - the intoxicated passenger started to eat his own puke! Which made our hero leave the bus immediately and think twice about using public transport henceforth.

Студентка рядом мгновенно отреагировала собственной историей - one day she was walking down the street past a bus stop. At that very moment a bus stops in front of her and a man gets out of it. Not moving any further from the bus, the person takes down his pants, assumes a squatting position and proceeds to defecate in broad daylight! All this happens not only before our heroine's eyes, but also in front of Gaydar Children's Library!

Тут же со своей историей готов еще один студент - a friend of his told him that once he was riding in a car with a group of his own friends and everyone except the driver was drunk. Suddenly one of the passengers starts feeling extremely sick, sticks his head out of the window and throws up while the car is going at full speed. At this very moment their vehicle is being overtaken by another car which promptly receives the whole load of puke all across its windshield!

Я не удерживаюсь и выкладываю свою - once upon a time i leave my home and head for the bus stop, which is luckily right across the road. A minibus taxi stands on my side of the road. The driver of the taxi stands with his back on me, nearly leaning against the door. As i pass him by, i hear the faint sound of a water stream hitting the minibus metal surface. The driver is pissing on his own taxi!!!! And it's broad daylight again! To prove my guess, this very taxi drives up to the bus stop a minute later - and a big dark spot adorns its door, right where the driver (a native of southern territory obviously, not the local citizen) was just doing his dirty deed!

Вот как бывает интересно на перенесенных парах.

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