вторник, 12 января 2016 г.

i think i'm gonna be sad


I wanna shout
I really wanna shout
It's not easy not to shout
When you want to shout
That much. But when I shout
I don't hear the other shout
They only shout
When my shout
Is silent. That's the sick truth about the shout.
That's how the shout
Goes. Or maybe when I shout
I shout
So loud I can't hear that other shout
Which makes me wanna shout
In the beginning - that explains a lot about the shout
That gets so close to the deep meaning of the shout
It could be the wholesome truth about the shout
And when i say shout
I mean the shout
They usually whisper, but never shout
About - but how, how, how can this shout
Not be the loudest-ever-in-fucking-history shout?!!!!
I shout. Shout.

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