пятница, 19 мая 2017 г.


> may
> cool, can wear t-shirt outside!
> fucking cold
> a bloody sore in the new place
> first in years - already forgotten about them
> stay home for a week
> fucking cold inside - no fucking heating since april
> find a breakthrough solution for the sore
> can walk again
> still fucking cold
> fuck cold - i can walk!
> walk walk walk
> fuck everyone's gloomy faces and gloomy skies - i can walk!
> it's actually ok with goth rock in earphones
> suddenly may is hot
> sunny, everyone's happy and smiling
> walk in the beautiful sunshine
> have lighter more inspiring music in earphones
> what can possibly go wrong?
> a bloody fucking biggest sore ever in the place where it shouldn't fucking be all of a fucking sudden on a second fucking day!
> h/o/w/ a/b/o/u/t t/h/a/t!
> have car pick you up from work 
> see tons of smiling happy faces as it drives you back home
> stay home for fucking unknowable long
> scrub fucking sickening wankers' internet
> have noone know about your situation because they don't wanna bitching psychological vampire handicapped loser for a fucking friend, now do they?
> any tears left to cry?
> no
> it's may
> summer will be too hot for good walks

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